Colors Available: Titanium Dino-hide® Jersey Dry Suit


This rugged suit was designed for those divers needing a heavy-duty dry suit at a lower price. This suit was built specifically for the underwater training, salvage, the DinoHide construction, and mining industries. Like its big brother, the TWREX®, the Dino-Hide® Work Capsule will stand the rigors of deep, long term and heavy-duty diving environments but at an economical price.


-“Brief” Style Crotch

- TFlex Side Panels

- Kobalt Pro-Flex® Neoprene Seal System

- Over sized Rhino-hide knee pads

- OEB heavy duty zipper

- SiTech Valves

- “Fin Friendly” heavy duty vulcanized dry boots

- OEB Heavy Duty Zipper

- Low Profile Performance SiTech valves

- Made from Dino-Hide®

- Dino-Hide® Kneepads that are four times tougher that standard kneepads

- New "Fin Friendly" Heavy-Duty Vulcanized Boots

- Kobalt Pro-Flex® Neoprene Seal System

- Available in Men’s & Women’s Sizes

- Optional Latex Seal System



Dino-Hide® Work Capsule - Titanium Dino-hide® Jersey Dry Suit


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